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January 9, 2017

Tied with a Ribbon ....

.... doesn't it make you just want to
scoop them up and bring them home?

That's what I did on the weekend when
we were out and about shopping.

I needed new socks and came home
with 6 pairs for $10. Original price
was $40. Not only was it a sweet deal
but they are the softest socks I have
ever owned. I bought 3 like the ones
above and 3 striped. All purple and
white, of course. My feet and my bank
account are in Heaven. Truly, it was
the tied ribbon that was the deciding
factor for me. Anything with lace or
a ribbon around it just speaks to me.
Thankfully, my dh agreed and I'm
so glad they were a decent, frugal
price so I could buy more than 1.

Are you a frugal shopper?
Any good deals lately?


TrayceeBee said...

Love the socks! I would have scooped them up too! =) My biggest score lately wasn't necessarily cheap but I still consider it a frugal win....My oldest daughter turned 18 last week and is planning a "Gap Year" to travel the US when she graduates this summer. She's really into photography so I purchased the camera she wanted in a packaged bundle on Ebay. Everything was brand new and the "package" came with a ton of accessories - three lenses, two tripods, camera bag, filters, extra battery, etc. I splurged and spent $570 on it because 18 is a milestone birthday after all. When my daughter found out how "little" I spent on everything she got, her mouth dropped! She was in shock at how "well" I did! LOL

Granny Marigold said...

I love your new socks! They look super comfy.

Chy said...

Wow, TrayceeBee. That is an amazing deal!! Your daughter's reaction was priceless! X Chy

Chy said...

Thanks GM .... they are so comfy!! If I'm allowed to "love" socks, I LOVE these ones!! X Chy

Penny said...

I understand your happiness Chy, one of my favourite sensations is pulling on a pair of brand new socks! It doeasn't happen very often, because socks tend to last for years, but I savour it when it happens! Your 'bargain' socks are a lively colour, and look somcosh and comfortable X

Chy said...

Hi Penny. Don't you just love the feel of new socks! So soft. X Chy