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January 9, 2017

Art Everywhere.

Now that our walls have received their final
coat of paint, we can start hanging our art.

We stored our art everywhere after we moved
in. In boxes, in closets, under beds .... everywhere.
There is quite a bit as we have a few favorite
artists and because some of it is "seasonal", like
my Christmas/Winter art that will be stored again
this year but brought out when it snows later on.

Now that I'm sorting it out, I'm trying to finding spots
to lay it out so we can decide where it will all go.

The guest bedroom has been a good spot, that is
until we need to set it up for an overnight guest. 

My favorite find from our local charity shop.
Done by hand, a beautiful needlework piece.
My mom used to say this to us every night
when she was tucking us in. I often did as
well with our own kids when they were small.
So excited to find this and hang it in our home.

Do you have a lot of art in your home?
Where do you store it if you need to?


Anne in the kitchen said...

i have a few artists I buy form yearly at a couple of local art shows. I don't think I have a lot but I do have enough. I painted a couple of seasonal paintings and hey only come out in the summer or during Christmas. I have a huge closet in the granddaughters bedroom and they just hang on the closet wall when not in use. Other than that things just hang out on the walls. Some of them I move around and some hang in the same place all the time.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Most of my favorite pieces of art are English themed cottage prints.
It soothes my soul to gaze at those pretty cottages and rural villages throughout the day.
You have quite the collection, and changing them around for the different seasons sounds like fun.

Chy said...

Hi Anne. Thanks for visiting today! I love your idea of hanging art on the closest wall when it's not in use. I may borrow that great solution, if that's okay. X Chy

Chy said...

Hi Jo. I love English cottage prints as well. I have a tiny one that I've been trying to figure out where to place it. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts today. X Chy

Liliana said...

I do! Most of it got from my parents! Best storage under the bed or behind furniture!

Chy said...

Hi Liliana. I bet you have great art! I like storing under the bed. Pretty safe from little hands and puppies. X Chy