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January 29, 2017

Warm Nights.

When we were building our home, we
put a small theatre room in the lower
level. My dh is a film maker and it's great
fun to have a spot to view his work. 

But Canadian Winters tend to be a bit
chilly, so we decided to save up our
pennies for an electric fireplace so our
nights in the theatre room will be toasty
warm and cozy. Last week, this unit
went on sale for just under 50% off ~
a great deal and thankfully, easily in
our budget that we had managed to save
up. When I took this picture, we had just
taken it out of the box and it was sitting
in our dining room before we moved it
downstairs. I'll have to take a picture of
it now that it's settled in its place. The
heat is lovely and we both love the mantel.

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