About Me

January 3, 2017


I started journaling when I was a child.
My first diary had a little gold lock on it
and it felt so very grown up to be able to
write my thoughts and then lock them up.

Since then, I've used lined journals, blank
journals, online journals and hemp journals.
All gave and continue to give me a sacred
place to record my life, my ideas, my dreams.

My 2 new journals for 2017 include the smaller version
in the upper photo and the black floral version below.
The white journal is my Art Journal ~ a place to flesh
out my art projects and to do some mixed media in
the journal itself. The second journal is for my daily
ideas, notes and lists to keep me on track. I'll also use
this blog as another option for recording and reflecting
on life. I have no plans for the journals once they fill
up, other than I tuck them away for safe keeping. I
have gone back to re~read my words and am always
encouraged by the growth and raw energy of my life.
Inspiring on days when life proves to be extra hard.

Do you journal or keep a journal?
What kind works the best for you?


TrayceeBee said...

I love journaling too! I would like to think that eventually when I'm gone,my girls may enjoy rereading my tales of their childhood escapades. =) I would love to do an art journal but sadly, I can't draw more than stick figures. haha!

Granny Marigold said...

My first diary had a padded white cover and a little gold key, much like yours was. Sadly I don't have it any more although I'm sure I didn't have much to record at ten!
Your new journals are very pretty. I wonder if you have trouble with the first pages... wanting them to look extra nice. Later on I scribble away merrily non too neatly I'm afraid. I have no talent for sketching or painting so I will paste in pics that appeal to me.!

Michelle Huddleston said...

I love my journals. My art journal, however only has a few pages that are filled. I just can't make myself go play in it, because I don't feel as talented as I should be. It's mine and mine alone, so why I feel that way I can't figure out.

Chy said...

Hi TrayceeBee,

I love the idea of your girls rereading your journals later in life. What a treat for them! Art journaling is all about creating pages that you like and believe me, its fun and there are no rules. You should try. Google it and you'll probably find some great tutorials. Have fun!

X Chy

Chy said...

Hi GM,

Yes, I actually always want my first page to look great but have relaxed over the years. I don't know why that is but it is!

X Chy

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting Michelle. So nice to meet you! Art journaling has no rules so my suggestion would be just have fun with it and love what you do. I took a class on art journaling and found myself trying to mimic the teacher's pages, then realized I like my versions better. Then let go of trying to do what everyone else was doing and now I love my art! X Chy

Penny said...

I have kept diaries at various times in my life, but none have survived my many house moves, which may be no bad thing. I think I would squirm a bit now, reading my innermost thoughts at 17, 18 etc! I do have some old letters that I wrote to my parents when I was travelling in Australia when I was about 21, and also some very old school jotters and story books which make pretty hilarious reading. Enjoy your new journals Chy X

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting Penny! I recently found the diaries I kept when my dh and I were "courting" before marriage. It was fun to read and see how much we've grown and yet see how much we've still managed to keep ourselves intact as well. X Chy