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May 18, 2016

The Beast.

Our Province has been international
news over the last two weeks as the
landscape burns from an intense fire
now known by all as "The Beast".

It began quickly and despite heroric efforts, the 
fire will not slow down its path of destruction.

Without much notice, the entire city in it's way
was completely evacuated. with 2 routes to travel.

The most intense was this, where streams of cars
had to drive right beside the fire in order to escape.

Now, as The Beast continues to grow, displaced
families are trying to navigate the options and
huge decisions they'll have to make regarding
their homes and their futures. We hold them all
in our hearts as we open our homes, our schools,
our businesses, our organizations to help. As a
former "fire family", we feel helpless but are
also excited we get to give back. Our gift to all.


Penny said...

Oh my goodness Chy, I did not realise the fire was near you. We have been horrified by the television footage of the fire, and particularly the cars driving so close to the flames. Our hearts go out to those who have had to abandon their homes, what a terrible experience. Lives turned upside down X

Anne in the kitchen said...

I have been watching the news of the fire since it was first reported. Hoping and praying it is under control soon. I can't imagine the horror for everyone in its path.