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May 2, 2016

Inside Garden.

I played around with where to place
the sweet tulips I bought today.

In front of the big window in our
great room was a good start.

Love the landscape outside.
But it wasn't the right spot.

Then I tried the bouquet on the
piano in the window of the turret.

Pretty pink!

And that seems to be just the right
spot for these precious Spring flowers.

Calm and soothing cream. 

Did you buy or grow tulips this Spring?
Where did you display them in your house?


Practical Parsimony said...

After Christmas I had someone plant tulips and daffodils in the enormous space the city dug next to my driveway when they worked on the water meter. They tulips were a purple pink. Interspersed with the bright yellow daffodils, they looked so pretty.

Chy said...

That sounds amazing! I hope to plant bulbs this fall so we can have our own tulips next spring. Thanks for visiting today.

Penny said...

I love tulips! They are one of my top three flowers. Yours look so pretty in that vase, lovely X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny! Today, they are a bit droopy but I'm so happy to have found the best bunch!! X