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May 27, 2016

I Couldn't Resist.

Do you have a little written list or a running list in your head of items that you'd hope to find on treasure hunts? I like to be intentional in my purchases and if I can buy used, I'm a very happy shopper! I like to sit in a room, visualize what is missing and then add that item to my list. I have a little journal I keep so I can remember those little ideas that creep into my mind. Then it's fun to shop when I know what items I still need to pick up along the way. It's fun to hunt and even better when items that have been elusive suddenly appear one day, when I least expect them. That's what makes hunting treasures fun.

One thing I've been hoping to find is a tiny
table to put beside our tub in the master bath.

A spot to hold a cool drink, my book,
a candle and the tv remote if it's on.

This equisite table was at the Boot Sale
and listed for $8. But did I pay that? No,
of course not! I offered $5 and it was
accepted without hesitation. Great buy.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Cute table and what a great bargain!
I keep a running list, but am trying not to buy anything that is not essential or a replacement for something I no longer like and will get rid of as soon as a replacement is found.

Chy said...

It is a sweet table Anne!

Penny said...

Lovely table! I keep a note book in my bag with measurements in case I find something that looks just right whilst I am out and about. X

Chy said...

That's a great idea. I should add measurements to my little journal. I often take pictures of items I have if I'm trying to match something so I have stored on my phone. X