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May 27, 2016

Tea Party Year.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you may know that I am a big tea lover. And that in this new sweet cottage we call home, we created an actual "tea pantry" instead of a traditional "butler's pantry." A lovely spot to display our tea pots, precious tea cups and saucers, tins of delicious tea and a few special books and tea trinkets. At the Boot Sale, my dh came across this beautiful book, in brand new condition. On the back is a sticker from the store it was originally purchased from, clearly in the U.K., as the tag shows the price as 20 pounds. In Canadian, at today's exchange rate, I would have paid $38.50 but instead, I had to hand over just $13.50. Not a bad deal! Love all the details in it.

Called "The Vintage Tea Party Year" it's full 
of great ideas to host tea parties during the year.

All the major holidays are covered, and I few new
ones for us to explore. We can't wait to try them!


Penny said...

Lovely book! I have seen it in bookshops here x

Chy said...

I've never seen it here before either. I might do a google search just for fun to see where it's listed. X