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May 25, 2016

House Frame.

The first item we purchased at the Boot Sale on the weekend we almost didn't! When we arrive, we always do a little walk around and then get serious about really hunting for treasures. On this wet and windy day, we stopped inside the first booth (a tent to protect items from the rain) in our path to get out of the rain. And there was this sweet house frame. As the vendor's tent began to fill up, we crept out to wander down the lane. Suddenly, I just had to have it! Do you ever have that happen? I was already imagining the pictures I'd put in each slot, and maybe adding a few quotes too. As we walked back to the tent, I spotted someone holding it and chatting with the vendor. NOOO! But then she put it down, thanked the vendor and left the tent. YES!! Within seconds, it was in my hands. Priced at $40, I mulled over spending almost half my budget ($100) on one item. As I was considering the price, the vendor came over to greet me. I told her how much I loved her items, then asked if prices were firm. As her teeth chattered from the cold, she smiled and said "sure, make me an offer". I offered $30, thinking we'd meet at $35 but she immediately said yes, and I left the tent with a big grin on my face, my husband laughing behind, muttering something about "the one that almost got away"! We took it back to our car as it was too bulky to carry around all morning. Along the way, I had a number of people ask where we got it! Tucked safely away in our car, we went back to venture through the collection of tents and open tables to find more treasures. More posts soon showing our haul for the day.


Penny said...

Great find! You did well to go back for it X

Chy said...

I'm so glad I went back for it too! I would have been so sad if I had missed it! X