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November 17, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat!

Taking a break from feeling so lousy to participate in Carla's "Sunday Night Chit Chat" this week. Here's my contribution: 

Reading: Our annual return for the Canada Revenue Agency for our centre, which is a Canadian Charity. It's due on the 30th but I want to send it in this week. However, the program won't open on my laptop, so I may have to complete it at work. Easy, peasey form to do, but would have been even better if I could have done it while cozy in my bed!! Clearly, someone somewhere doesn't want me working from home today ....

Listening to: Cough, cough, cough in my house tonight. Yuck!

Watching: A touching program called "Letter to Jackie Kennedy" with different actors reading and beautiful photography and videos to accompany the words.

Cooking/Baking: We've been so sick, popsicles and fruit have been our staples. Tonight, our daughters brought dinner home. Heaven!

Happy I accomplished this week: I am glad I was ubber prepared to be sick. The house was tidy, the cupboards full, both cars full of gas, garbage out, recycling done, even our Christmas decorations were brought up and laid out to be put up. Less guilt when laying in bed, not able to do anything more than roll over and change the tv channel!

Looking forward to next week: Feeling better, because I will be better, right??

Thankful for today? Beautiful friends who snow blow driveways and sidewalks and daughters who bring dinner home!

Do I believe in good/bad luck and coincidences? Yes, absolutely!

Join in by visiting Carla's site. Enjoying reading and if you have a piece of cake like the one above, you're set for a lovely time!!

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