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November 4, 2013

Warm and Cozy!

Winter finally arrived this weekend. It rained on Saturday, then later in the evening it turned to slushy snow and by Sunday morning, we had a white world. Ironically, Saturday was snow tire day at our house. We finished up the last bit of organizing the garage just in time, then slipped inside, not to leave the house until this morning. It was lovely to watch the big flakes fall from the sky, while we puttered about, getting ready for the week, enjoying the company of our daughters and grandson, watched a few movies, made homemade chili with biscuits, fresh pumpkin pie and soup for the week. It was truly a warm and cozy weekend at our little house!

We bought this great quilt at the Antique Mall
for just $12 from my favorite vendor.

I love the soft colors and the patterns.

It had a tiny hole that was not visible to me as
we examined it in the store but thankfully, I sew.

A quick fix, a good wash and fluff in the dryer and it went on our bed on Saturday night, to keep us warm and cozy through the night. When we woke up in the morning, we watched the snow gently fall while staying under our new~to~us quilt and talked about the upcoming Christmas season, our favorite. Feeling ready now for the long winter ahead of us.

How did you stay warm and cozy this weekend? 
Are you ready for the season?


Lorrie said...

I grew up in northern BC and now that we live on the Island (with 20 years in South America in between),I really long for snow. I love watching it fall.
I know you'll tire of it before the winter ends, but in the meantime, stay cozy and catch a snowflake on your tongue for me.

Cheapchick said...

Wow, $12 for a homemade quilt is an excellent deal, even with a small hole. I don't miss the Alberta snow, but we were communicating with friends on Sunday about it :) They were not impressed. Our kids don't have their snow tires on yet although hubby has badgered them to get it done. Such is life as you can't force young adults to do anything.

Cheryl Salter-Roberts said...
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Chy said...

Hi Lorrie.

I love the snow at Christmas and the first snow but other than that, I wish it would go away! The month of December would be just perfect. I am thankful that our winters have become much better than it was years ago and we've had some pretty "brown" years. I think once we move back out to the coast but until then, I moan! I promise that was it for this winter.

I do enjoy the days we get to stay inside when it's blustery outside. And thankful for a warm place to be then!

Have a great week.

Chy said...

It was a great price, Cheapchick! The hole was tiny but just enough to need attention. I love the colors and the warmth. So happy with this purchase!

Enjoy your week.

Chy said...

Discovered today that a set of pillowcases I bought a few months ago look great with the new quilt.

Picture to follow!