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November 28, 2013


On this snowy, but sunny Christmasy day, I spent some time writing letters. Years ago, as a teen, I had a couple of pen pals from overseas. It started as a school project and continued well into my young adult life. Then we got married, bought a house, began our family and suddenly all my time was taken up by tasks that had meaning but didn't leave me much time for writing letters. My pen pals also grew up and we all agreed mutually that our writing days were limited. We fondly said goodbye and moved on.

But I have truly missed getting letters in the mail. I love Christmas for so many reasons but one thing that I can't wait for every day is to open the mail box to see more cards and letter inside. So much fun to open each and read the notes about our family and friends lives. Last spring, I found an International Pen Pal site and registered my info to find a writing buddy or two. I've found two great women to write to, one just a bit younger than me and one older. We are sharing letters, marveling at how similar our lives are at times and embracing the differences that make us so unique. I love peeking into their lives and they seem to enjoy my return letters. This week, I'm making them both a Christmas gift to add to the letters that are ready to go. 

Love opening our letter box now. Instead of bills, occasionally, there is a heartfelt letter to warm my soul!

Do you enjoy writing letters? 
Do you or did you ever have a pen pal?

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