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November 18, 2013

Happy 300th Post!

I had a whole other post planned out for tonight, complete with pictures. Then I realized that this is my 300th post. Not 300 for the year, but 300 in total. It feels like I just celebrated my 100th post, so this snuck up on me without any fanfare, until tonight!!

So how will I celebrate 300 posts?

Well, here's the exciting news .... I'm going to bed!! Yup, still recovering and the snow is falling outside, the house is cozy, there is nothing really great to watch on tv, everyone in my family has drifted off to their own space and my bed is calling me. It's probably the final night I'll have the big bed all to myself, as my husband is still sleeping on the couch downstairs until his cough settles down. I'd rather he be up here but he'd rather be down there, where he feels he won't disturb my sleep. I don't sleep well on my own but am coping. 

Tomorrow is my dh's birthday. He wants to celebrate on the weekend as he's too ill to participate any other way right now. I agree, for his sake, of course. My plan now is to at least have a little cake and a special dinner for tomorrow night. And then we can celebrate 300 posts at the same time. 

See how sneaky I am!! Getting 2 celebrations into 1 evening, with 1 cake.

How do you celebrate a blog milestone? 
Or do you?


Lorrie said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. Hope you both feel much better very soon.

I tend not to notice/celebrate blog milestones. They creep up on me.

I do love celebrating birthdays, though! Cake, presents, family, laughter - bring it on!

Chy said...

Well, today, things were not better for either of us, so back to the doctor. He was alarmed that our symptoms were not improving but getting worse. Test after test and then we left with a handful of papers, now waiting for the call. He thinks we both have whooping cough and so we have been quarantined to home. No work, no play, stay in, yuck! Birthday celebration tonight for my husband was short, just us, with promises for a bigger, true celebration once we can have visitors. Its going to be a quiet couple of weeks around here - except for the coughing!!

Norma said...

Hello Chy, I saw your comment on Claudia's blog where you mentioned you're restoring an old dollhouse. You mentioned wanting to buy a mini aga. If you go to www.miniatures.com and put aga in their search box you'll see they have two at the moment, one white and the other pale green, the price is just under $40. You are unlikely to get a cheaper one. I get a lot of its and pieces shipped from them (to Australia).

Feel free to contact me if you hae any dollhouse related questions, and you might also like to take a look at the dollhouse DIY site http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com - she's got lots and lots of great tutorials so you can furnish most of your house without buying much at all if like.

Congratulations on your 300th post by the way!

(my email is normabennett@hotmail.com)

Chy said...

Thank you Norma! I will definitely check out the site. That would be a dream to have an Aga in our dollhouse. I'll also check out the other site you have listed. I really appreciate your help. So nice to meet others who are working on dollhouse projects!