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November 16, 2013

Down and Out!

My guy and I are down and out today. Literally, flat on our backs, struggling to breathe without coughing. This is now day 8 and our doctor informed us, at our 3rd visit the other day, that we have a respiratory influenza, not the regular flu going around but a different, less common strain. He actually took nose and throat swabs just to confirm that his diagnosis is correct. A couple of people have asked if we got the flu shots but our answer is no. Our doctor was very clear that even if we had gotten the shot, it wouldn't have done a thing as this is not the flu that it was targeted for. He is the one reason we don't get the shot every year and until now, we've avoided the flu every season with a lot of hand washing, rest and mega doses of Vitamins C and D. Our doctor doesn't even get the flu shot, does not endorse it but will give it to his patients who fall in the more critical categories and for those who request it. I know it's a very controversial subject but for us, a decision that has been right every year. Even now, with this illness taking us right down, I have no regrets. The year that the H1N1 was so prevalent, we were the only family that didn't get the immunization when everyone else did and yet, we were the only ones who didn't get sick at our work, at school, at our centre and within our family and friends. I am prone to pneumonia but my husband has been ill maybe 3 times in our 32 years together and even then, only mildly ill for a day or two. 

The hardest part of this illness is trying to take care of each other when we're both feeling so lousy. Our daughters and grandson are away this weekend and we have no responsibilities, except to get better. We've been given time off work until we're better and cancelled all important meetings and dates. So no guilt. But it's almost impossible to effectively help each other. He's downstairs in the family room, snuggled down on the couch. I'm up here in our bedroom, snuggled on our bed. Our stomachs are fine but neither one of us is hungry. We're living on juice, lemons and popsicles. Lots of offers from our friends to bring over meals and as heart whelming as those are, the thought of having to shower, get dressed, come down to greet someone at the door has made both of us thank everyone but decline those for now. As long as we're hydrated, we'll survive!

We had really warm temperatures this week with lots of rain, downpours even. Usually we have a good foot of snow by now. The south end of the province has been a winter wonderland for quite a while but we've been so lucky, to date. The bit of snow we had received was pretty much melted away. Our roof was bare and the roads clear. But yesterday afternoon, the weather changed, the temperatures dropped drastically, the snow started to fall, the winds picked up and then the warnings started. Today, they have asked people to not drive, unless they truly need to. Our eldest drove our grandson to Red Deer last night, where he gets picked up by his dad for his weekend in Calgary. Her trip down was not too bad but her ex~husband's drive was terrible. A bit worried now for the return trip tomorrow. I hope if the roads down south remain as bad as they are today, worse then ours, that he chooses to keep our little guy until it's safer to drive. He's actually the one who is not comfortable driving on slick highways so I'm going to trust him to make that call. I know our daughter would be upset as 1 day away from her little guy is excruciating but it needs to be safe for all. For now, we're warm and cozy, achy and miserable but safe and resting. 

How is your weekend going so far?


~Carla~ said...

Awww... :( Sending prayers for strength & healing! ((Hugs))

Chy said...

Thank you Carla! I so appreciate the prayers and the hugs. :)

Lorrie said...

So sorry to hear you're under the weather (in more ways than one.) Stay warm, cozy and hydrated. Hugs and prayers.

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie. Tonight, I have a bit more energy, managed a long, hot bath, putting my hair into braids so I can stop waking up to a rat's nest, did one load of laundry and am now writing emails to catch up. My husband on the other hand seems to be getting worse, so a call to our doctor in the morning will be on the agenda. I appreciate your kind thoughts and the hugs!