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March 10, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat.


Blogs and still trying to finish "The Doula." Too many distractions!


The Mentalist. Kind of ....

Listening to: 

Our grandson having a shower with his mama down the hall. His chattering is so cute. "What's that, mama?" I can only imagine what he might be pointing at!!


I'm about to make some Cheddar Popcorn. Dh made a lovely dinner but didn't realize the Risotto had tomatoes in it, deadly for me but we  caught it just in the nick of time, before I took a bite. Thankfully, my life was spared, this time. Hmmmm, wonder if I should be worried he tried to do me in!!

Happy I accomplished this week: 

Gave the shaggy dog a haircut, put away the snowmen for another season, finished up a ton of paperwork for our centre (with just one item left to tackle), started a new bag of charity shop items to donate, reorganized the kitchen cupboards, reorganized the back entrance and the laundry room, reorganized the pantry, put us on a strict menu plan and tried out a new discount store for groceries, worked on our taxes (due on April 30th), and organized the new material I bought to make more "taggy" blankets, bought buttons and sorted them for a new art project I'm planning and visited a dear friend. 

Looking forward to this week:

Finishing up the one item left from last week to tackle, getting thru a discussion that needs to happen (I've rehearsed my contribution to the subject), the last session for our winter children's grief group, visiting with my mom and hopefully our son and his family next weekend, decorating the house for spring and writing some letters to dear friends who have recently sent letters to me. 

Thankful for today:

A lovely sleep in, yummy food, a friend who knows when a break is needed, the warm sun, blue sky and melting snow!

Bonus question: Shy or Outgoing?

I grew up shy but have become more extroverted as I've aged. I still have moments of shyness but am much more confident and lively than I was as a child and teen. 

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~Carla~ said...

LOL @ the shower comment! Gotta love kids! ;) Love your colour coded buttons! They make me smile!! We got our tax refund back! Now to put it to use!

Chy said...

He's too funny! I wish I could record all the things he says. I remember when my kids were small thinking I'd never forget all the funny things they'd say. Memories fade but now I have this guy to keep us laughing!

I love buttons in jars. Not sure why but can't wait to use these in my next art project.

Congratulations on getting your refund back. Just getting ready to send ours in. Once it's back, into the travel account it goes. Looking forward to having that balance go up!