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March 5, 2013

Menu and Budget

Our menu for the week of
March 2nd to the 7th:

Roaster Pork Rib Chops with Orzo
Sweet Potato Chicken Casserole
Pasta with Alfredo Sauce w Ham/Peas
Stir Fry Chicken w. Veggies
Rice and Beef. Strawberry Salad 
for me - I do NOT eat beef!!
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches w. Gherkins
Ginger/Orange Chicken w. Veggies/Rice
Pork Rib Chops w. Asparagus Risotto/Peas

Our food budget for the entire month will now be $975 or $225 a week. This feeds a family of 4 adults, one 2 year old, plus 2 dogs and includes our lunches and having other family members over for dinner a couple of times a month. It also includes our cleaning products (all natural) and paper products (all natural). Because we eat a lot of organic items and use natural products, we do tend to spend a bit more. We've tried to find cheaper alternatives but in the end, have decided this is one area we only have so much control over based on our decisions about food, our health and the environment. But we are trying to cut it back a bit and have recently discovered our local Superstore has many of the products we like to buy for a much better price than Safeway and Planet Organic (sorry guys!). My favorite drink comes in a case of 4 cans, is organic and approved by my Naturopath. It costs $6.99 plus deposit at Safeway, $5.97 plus deposit at Planet Organic and a mere $3.99 in total, at Superstore. 


This week, our total was $178, which included using $18.98 in coupons and buying some bulk items. If we had shopped at Safeway, our total would have been well over $225

Our goal this week is to not make any additional trips to the grocery store. We will follow our menu and use up what we have before our next shop. A well stocked pantry, full freezer and bulging fridge means we won't starve for sure!

How do you manage your food budget?
Any tips and tricks you can share with us?

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