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March 21, 2013


We were almost there. The snow had been melting enough that the streets were slushy, our cars muddy, potholes were a hazard, the bottom of our deck was peeking thru, the grass visible thru the thin layer of sleet still on the ground and we even had some rain.

And then last week, the snow started again, lightly, then building higher and higher. But they promised us it was a fluke and would melt quickly.

The sun even came out. 
In a way, it was actually quite pretty!

But today, we're in the midst of a province-wide snowstorm. I work from home when it gets bad like this. My co-workers have all just been sent home, so it's bad! No end in sight at the moment.

No sun today.
Just a constant snowfall.

Poor deer can't even lift his head up!

Next week looks beautiful, with temperatures set to melt everything that has come our way. Hopefully, it will be a slow melt so we don't float away!!


Elizabethd said...

Snow like that, and it is nearly April! That's hard going.

Chy said...

Today was the complete opposite: sunny, melting and no icy roads. Crazy!