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March 24, 2013


The snow finally stopped here. Creating havoc on our roads, the worst being a 100+ car pileup on the highway. The very highway I would have traveled on, except that I had already canceled the home visit that had been scheduled. Thankful for having a gut feeling and thankful for a family who were concerned that I was going to travel out.

The view outside our bedroom yesterday morning. The silence of the quiet street was beautiful. Many stayed home until the roads were plowed. We enjoyed our warm house, good food and fun entertainment. I would hate to be snowed in for too long but this was a nice break from the daily routine. 

Hopefully, this is as high as our snow will get this year!

Totally submerged deer!

What the puppies see when they look out the garden doors.

A view with the door open!!

The snow piled up to the ledge of our front window.Today, the sun was out and the melting began. Hopefully, our next experience will not include flooding!

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