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March 13, 2013

New Spring Shelf!

Working from home today. Chilly outside, with snow in the forecast. Furnace is keeping me warm, on my day of solitude. A day to write. A day to catch up. A day to watch the news to see who the new Pope is. 
I tucked away the snowmen for the year. And wandered the house to find items to create a new spring shelf. 
A "Bunnies By The Bay" from my art studio. She sits on a shelf there but I've borrowed her for now.
My bunny teapot and a pretty handmade box from a local artist.
Egg cups from the charity shop last week with "Iris" and "Sean" Cherished Teddies. The tiny basket holds an Easter craft made for each of my kids in their colors - pink, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange. 
Tiny bunny in a china Easter basket.
Tiny fairy ballerina's. 
Vintage spring tapestry with two perfume bottles and a vintage Easter egg. Tiny lamb in a tiny cup.
Lamb given to our second dd by her siblings at her birth. They both will be 20 years old in May. 
Spring teapot!

Hope you enjoy this new spring shelf. It may change as I haven't yet gone downstairs to collect the Easter box. Too achy today to climb the stairs with a heavy box, so this collection will need to do for now. 


Elizabethd said...

What sweet little object you have on display. So nice to be able to change things often.

Chy said...

Thank you. It's been fun so far for the short time we've had it to change it with the seasons. I love having a place for the little things we find at the charity shop or little gifts we receive. :)