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July 1, 2022

Canada Day.

Today in our amazing country, we are all celebrating "Canada Day" and the festivities are happening across the nation. Here in our tiny hamlet, the day has begun with a big community breakfast, followed by family activities in the park until 11 pm, when the fireworks will go off to music. We have not only attended over the years, but we've also volunteered. However today, we're still recovering from our music festival (post to follow down the road) and we are heading in to the big city to see "Hamilton" tonight. So we'll miss the music and fun in the park but will celebrate in our own small ways here at home. I'm proud to be Canadian and feel privileged EVERY single day that I get to live in this beautiful country. It's not just the beauty that surrounds us though. It's also the compassion our country provides not just to our citizens but to the World. And the ability to give back to others in ways that are humble but meaningful. 

We let ourselves sleep in today and will soon head out to garden. With our trip to the U.S., Covid, selling our other house and then the festival (all in the last 3 weeks), we were not able to do as much gardening as we would have normally done. And the rain has been more than normal, so that didn't help. But today promises to be sunny and warm, so off we go. Once we've done as much as we can, it'll be time to shower and do some paperwork that we'd like to tackle, then dinner and we'll be off to see "Hamilton." Looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the music we listen to often. It's a long production, so hopefully we don't fall asleep.

I'm off to pot plants, dig holes to put blueberry and raspberry bushes in, weed the front gardens and move cedar chips from the pile to the beds. Before and after photos will be shared. Unless I feel the weed show is too embarrassing!

Happy Canada Day!!

~ Chy


Marie Smith said...

Happy Canada Day!

Chy said...

Thank you Marie. We had a wonderful celebration!

X Chy