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May 7, 2022

Early Blooms.

We were at Costco the other day and picked up a tray of these sweet annuals. I love the early blooms of white, pink and lavender. Trekked down to the potting shed and brought in a few pots to wash up. I won't plant these just yet as we can still get super chilly temps, like today. Traditionally in this region, the rule of thumb is to wait until after the May Long Weekend, which is May 21st to the 23rd. Usually by then, the threat of frost, heavy rain or super cold nights is gone and we can plant without worry. I truly wish we could live in a more temperate climate where gardening could be a year long experience. Or at least longer than a few months every year. But we are too engrained in our community here and it would be super difficult to leave. So we put up with the 4 Seasons we have and love, and dream about a longer growing season. One day, we'll grow our own early blooms instead of picking them up from the greenhouse or Costco. 

Today was the first day back in person for our kid's grief program after 2 years of virtual classes. I was slightly nervous not knowing if everyone would show up, but they did and it turned out to be an amazing first session. Now I'm excited for next week. Such brave little souls, seeking comfort and education, healing and clarity. I facilitated the Parents Group and they were equally as amazing as the kids and the teens. A lot of pain was shared in our tiny space. Honored these mourning families chose our program. 

Tonight we're working on our Festival (just 7 weeks away!), talking about an upcoming trip, and then settling in to chill for the rest of the night. Dh is bbqing in the moment, the girls are out shopping and little guy is at his dad's for the weekend. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and dh did spend time at our other house today doing some work in prep for another round of painting tomorrow. I did the bottom kitchen cabinets on Friday and some trim. Tomorrow, he's going to tackle the bedrooms and I'll finish the top kitchen cabinets and continue the trim work. We hope to be done this week so we can list and get it sold while the market is still crazy hot. Wish us luck! We're almost there. Can't wait!

Oh, wow, I mentioned Mother's Day and then went right in to painting. Our plan is to sleep in a bit but still get up at a decent time to shower, head to the house to paint, tidy up once we're done, then stop to visit my mom for a bit and shower her with gifts and love, head home to watch a race (not sure what but that's on the schedule), then we'll have dinner and settle in for the hockey game. I'll post a photo of our special dinner that I got to pick out today. Mmmm!

Wishing you a lovely evening!

~ Chy

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