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June 30, 2018

Deck Decisions.

We've finally figured out how we want
to add a deck to our back porch. It's
been a long haul trying to make sense
of what we have and what could be.

Working with our contractor, we've
come up with a very simple 12' x 16'
deck that will be just 2' off the ground,
connecting the porch to the ground. In
our potting shed is the Pergola bought
last year during a great Costco sale. It
will attach to just under the top of the
porch and our contractor will construct
3 boxes to support the 3 columns of
the Pergola. Next year, if our budget
allows, we may then add 2 additions
on either side of the simple deck to
expand the space even more. I can't
wait to see all this come together.


Anne in the kitchen said...

It is great that you have a master plan and are willing to wait as necessary to have it all come together.

Chy said...

I like our plan as it fits our budget for now. Next year, we can do more. It will all come together! X Chy