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June 23, 2018

Cozy Foyer.

In our last few houses, the front foyer
always seemed so small and crowded.
If we had company that numbered just
two, it was a tight fit as they arrived.
But if we had more than two, it was a
true complication ~ we had to do it better.

So when we designed our house, we
made sure there was room for at least six
to eight people to stand in the hall. And
we added in a good sized closet along with
a small vestibule for the old radio that
holds some small fabric roses, a sweet
and tiny topirary, a container of fabric
plants and our guest book for all to sign.

We found this tiny bunch of fabric
roses at the charity shop for $1 ....

.... and this sweet brocade covered
guest book as well, for another $1.
Sweet finds that make our cozy but
spacious front foyer a welcoming spot.

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