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June 28, 2017

Antique Mall: After.

 All set now. We spent the first day of
our booth acquisition painting and the
second day filling it up. We've been
back each week to add items and tidy.

And after just a few days, we've sold a
pieces. Not a lot yet but a good start.

I love that the staff stops and turns on the
little lamp each day. Very welcoming.

This weekend is a long holiday weekend
in Canada. We may pop in to add a bit
more and move things around. Other
vendors have told us this helps to gain
interest when the booth is always looking
different. We're going to add a wing
chair to sell and a few more wall items.
A few more books and a china set too.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Congratulations Chy on starting your new booth - the colours are lovely. You are right, moving your stock around makes it look fresh to the customers.

Chy said...

Thanks Joy for visiting tonight and commenting. I'm glad we were told this advice and I've been watching other booths and the ones that seem to do well are always changing things around. I've got lots of ideas and look forward to trying them all out! X Chy