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June 21, 2017

Our Blooming Garden.

We've been carving out a wee bit of a garden at the front of our house. I love the sweet wild flowers and even the weeds that are blooming. Every single day we see more colors,  more sprouts and shoots and it's filling in so nicely. My little flower beds around the veranda are ready for the perennials that I picked up the other day. I'm hoping to have them planted before the weekend. We've had a bit of cold rain so now I have to wait for a bit of a dry spell. I'll post pics of those once they are in to the ground. Our landscape designer said it will take up to five years before we will be really happy with our garden but I'm going to truly say today that I'm loving what is happening already and we know in time it will look even better. I'm so glad we chose this tiny piece of land with so much nature all around us. A bare spot would have been very disappointing. We lucked out with this acreage and it was worth the very long wait to find it in the end. Watching it bloom and grow is going to be a treat.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Off to a good start with your plantings. It's always so exciting seeing them grow and spread across the bare soil.
Lovely colors.

Chy said...

Thank you Jo. It's a start for sure. I have to keep telling myself that we can only do little bits at a time. Would be too overwhelming to do it all at once! X Chy