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June 30, 2017

Final Frugal Finds.

My last two Frugal Friday finds .... dirt and clothes. We've been thinking about buying dirt to fill up our raised garden boxes. To get it delivered is handy but then the dirt would be sitting out in the rain. So we then decided to buy bags of it. Yesterday, I was given a $10 coupon to use online if I was to purchase $50. I searched for dirt and found an amazing sale. Bags that were originally $5 were on sale for $2.50 each. And with my coupon, the price came down to $2.14. In the end, I spent $75 which ended up being a total of 35 bags, at 28 litres each for a grand total of 980 litres. This should fill up our garden boxes very nicely. Can't wait to get our garden finished up.

Our last deal of the day .... clothes. We love a particular store and recently bought a $10 store card that gives us an additional 10% off all orders online and in the store all the time, even during sales. We've had some amazing deals and today was the best. A one day sale, with an additional 40% of sale items, plus 15% off that total (up from the original 10% due to Canada's 150th birthday tomorrow), and to make it even sweeter, free shipping. So we chose over $1,140 worth of clothing but paid just $182. Isn't that the most amazing deal!! Time to purge our closet and donate the items we haven't been wearing all year so there is room for our new finds. 

That's the end of the Frugal Friday Finds for this week. Hope you had a good week too!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Amazing deal on new clothes !!


Chy said...

Thank you Joy! X Chy