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May 31, 2017

Shed Placement.

Now that we have made the decision to
purchase the vintage wooden shed, we
have to decide where on our land it will
be placed. A very big process to endure.

This is what our original plan has been all
along. Our white picket fence around our
garden boxes, with paths to walk around
and some type of statue right in the middle.

Now we're thinking about "attaching" the shed
to this idea. Almost like it's own little garden.

We were going to place the shed near the tree line
but after our big wind storm last week, that changed.

The more we think on this new idea, the more we
get excited about putting it all together. I think it
will look so sweet to have a vintage wooden shed,
looking out over the garden, with a white picket
fence surrounding it all. Very English, very Country.
And the dh says "very practical" ~ he is very smart.

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