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May 29, 2017

Art Studio Progress.

 In between other obligations over the
weekend and some illnesses creeping 
through our home, we managed to 
squeeze in Art Studio construction.

The painting is now complete, the cabinets
are all put together and now the placement.

We discovered after we put the first cabinet
together that the measurements we were so
careful to gather for the designer were very
accurate. But she did not factor in the feet
that hold up the cabinets. If we had installed
those, our cabinets would have come right up
to the bottom of the windows, not giving
any space for the countertop depth. We did
end up figuring out a way to create "boxes"
to hold the cabinets, which in the end if
much more sturdy. Took more time and a 
ton of extra measuring but so worth the time.
Now we are busy placing the items in the
units that are for our art projects. Next, our
contractor will come and install the counters
and then the flooring, trim and two more of
the lights to hang. At that point, we'll do more
of a true reveal. Almost there, so very close.

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