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May 31, 2017

Hospital Trip.

Today is going to be a busy, crazy experience.
And a predicted high temp of 30 degrees C.
I'm off this morning to take my mom to her
quarterly assessment at the Geriatric Clinic
at one of the hospitals in the Big City. There
has been quite a change since her last visit
so I think we may be now looking at long
term care. I'm not excited about that prospect
at all, except for the fact that my worry for
my mom's wellbeing may diminish a bit. At
the moment, when I'm home, I worry if she's
safe. When I'm out, I worry if she's safe. She
has had a few scary times where know one
knew where she was. At least in a care home,
she'll have regular meals, activities to get
involved in and around the clock care. She
refuses to move in to our home (we have
tried to convince her) as she doesn't want
to live in the country. So this is the only true
alternative we all have. Wish us luck today.

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