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May 28, 2017

Free Falling ....

 .... but hopefully not too soon and not
on our sweet little cottage ....

A big wind storm in our region the other
day uprooted this tree a bit. We're very
concerned but thankfully, the last few
days have been super dry and very warm.
The Arborist is coming out tomorrow to
let us know if it needs to come down. We
are pretty sure it will need to. They'll also
then let us know when they can take it down.

Have you ever had to take down a falling tree?
Where you sad to see it go or happy it won't fall?


Penny said...

We have lots of trees in our garden, and five or six years ago we had a series of storms that brought down some really big trees. Fortunatwly none fell on the house, but it changed our garden quite radically when they fell and were then removed. We have planted some more, and are enjoying their progress X

Chy said...

It's so scary when the winds pick up. We have the company coming back to trim back some others. I think then I'll rest easy! X Chy