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May 1, 2017

Happy May Day.


Spring officially starts in March each year but with our mild winter, then "Sprinter" in April, we've had a bit of a delay to the beginning of our true Spring weather. Thankfully, things are quickly turning around. The snow is now gone, the buds are starting to appear and there is mud everywhere! I think over the next few days, with very warm winter predicated (temps between 14 degrees C and 22 degrees C), everything should dry up. No rain at all this week. I see some weeds starting to sprout in the garden and my first yard clean up will be to pick those first. Not my favorite job outside but I love what it looks like once the pesky weeds are gone. And then fresh dirt to plant.

Our landscape artist is visiting this afternoon with our final design and I'm really excited to see what she has in mind for our little country home. We asked for zones for a small playground for our grand babies, a gardening zone for our raised garden boxes, the fire pit zone so it's far enough from the house and trees to be safe, a zone for my dream English garden, and a central for our Gazebo to be erected and enjoyed. I have a vision in my head and am thankful that my dh shares this vision. Now to see it on paper and start the process of putting it in to place. We're thinking it will likely take 3 to 5 years before we really feel like it's all in place. But that's okay because as much as we've been able to set aside for this big project, I really don't want to let go of those funds all in one chunk.

After dropping my daughter off at school this morning, I did a bit of shopping, then headed home to do some tidying before the landscaper arrives. I've done 2 loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher and put the breakfast dishes in, cleaned the small main floor bathroom, dusted, swept and washed the floors. I can't vacuum as my oldest dd worked a shift last night at the hospital, so she's sleeping today. Waking her up would not be a good thing! Now I'm ready for our guest and taking some time to flip through my notes and look for ideas of plants and trees we could plant that won't be eaten by the deer that love to visit our land. I want to live in harmony vs. keeping animals away but I also want to have a lovely landscape to enjoy and work on. I'll share pictures as we go. 

I hope you have a wonderful first day of May and that your gardening dreams and plans are working out well. I'm off to read some inspiring blogs and go for a little walk in the warm sun before our guest arrives. 


Anne in the kitchen said...

Wishing you a glorious May as well!

Chy said...

Thank you Anne! I stopped and picked up some plants to start our first garden here in the Country. Can't wait to plant them this weekend and get going on turning our mud into something beautiful. X Chy