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November 3, 2015

Update on My Task List.

I posted a couple of days ago with
my long "to do" list that was stressful.

Here's the update on where I'm at:

*call our builder about final construction items ~ 
He was out today with his team and got quite a
few things done. There are still some outstanding
items but now he can see the stress it's been
causing us. Almost done with this part!
*call our gate guy to give him the go ahead ~ 
He was out on Friday and we are now just
waiting for the final design. Exciting!
*visit the granite store to confirm we received
the correct granite ~ a big worry for me ~
I visited the granite store and they confirmed
with me that we did receive the right slab of
granite. Such a big relief!
*finalize the arrangements to dh's dad's
burial in the family plot for his cremains ~
My dh will be calling to set this up tomorrow.
*insure that our documentation is in place
for the upcoming licensing visit for our preschool ~
Finished this task. Now we just need licensing!
*finish up the renos at our other house ~
Quotes are coming in and we also worked at the
house on Saturday and again on Monday. Progress!
*find a suitable and long term renter for the house ~
Ad goes online sometime tomorrow. Yeah!
*move items from our garage into the storage room
so we can park in the garage for the winter ~
We worked on this on Sunday and got about 70% 
of this rather large task completed. Proud!
*call the gravel guy to come and re~gravel our road ~
He was out today. Now we wait for the quote.
*finish up our charity documents for this year ~
Gathered up the documents today and they are in 
my backpack, ready to go to work tomorrow.
*get our banking in order now that our build is
almost completed and we can close out credit lines ~
I have to send our banker some notes tomorrow. 
*finish up the paperwork the at my bereavement
office for fall programming and counselling ~
This will be part of my workday tomorrow and
again on Thursday so it's done before the weekend.

Feeling good that so much of my worry was around
these uncompleted tasks but now I can feel hopeful!!

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