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November 30, 2015

A Bit Bigger!

On the deck of our grandparents cottage at the beach.
I'm on the far right and my cousins are beside me.
We all spent our summers with our grandparents
while our parents had a "holiday" from all of us.

I still love DQ milkshakes. But at this time in
my life, I could never drink a large one again!

My childhood was filled with angst, adventures,
love, memories, tough times and diversity. I often
wished I grew up in a more secure home, like we'd
watch on tv. Looking back, yes, it was a bit off
beat than other homes but it was a loving place, 
with intentional parenting mixed with a young
couple trying to find their way. Would I change
it now? Nope. It was our family, our life, our
own experience and that's what makes us unique!
I would not ever want to go back and change it.

What was your growing up years like with your family?
Did you ever wish you were in a different situation?

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