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November 12, 2015

A Surprise Snow Day!

The Farmer's Almanac and local 
forecasters have predicted for us
an unusually warm and dry winter
this year. So far, they've been right.

In our County, grass is still green, flowers are
still blooming and everyone is confused!

But on Remembrance Day, we woke to a world of
snowy white and icy branches. We had plans to go
into town but the magical landscape gave us the
chance, on a holiday day, to stay home and be warm.

We cherished our day off and spent
some time marveling at the new snow.

Our first winter in the cottage. I'm
sure in a few months, we'll be very
tired of the snow but yesterday, it
did represent the start of winter.

Sadly, today, the snow is all gone and
we're back to work with sun all around.

It was lovely to have the fireplace on,
while we sipped pots of tea and made
big cups of hot chocolate, with tiny
squares of marshmallow confetti. We
watched old movies and snuggled under
our new couch blankets, with no cares.

Have you had your first snow for the season?
Did you notice I've changed my mini art studio around?


Lorrie said...

No snow here at all! I keep hoping, every year, for a week or two of the white stuff. Staying home, drinking hot chocolate and being cozy sounds like a lovely way to spend a day.
The rain and wind are lashing against the house in the promised storm. A good night to stay home, but I have a late evening dental appointment. Drat.

Chy said...

Hope your appointment went well Lorrie!

Penny said...

That sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowy day Chy! Our weather is all over the place, far too mild for November, with high winds, storms, and lashing rain. I don't like it when the seasons misbehave! x

Chy said...

It does make it hard to be settled when the weather isn't, Penny. Today, we had beautiful sunny skies but a wicked wind that made it feel very wintery. No snow though. And above seasonal temps tomorrow. Loving it!!