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June 4, 2015

Whew! That was close!!

I have a confession to make.
I did something today I rarely do.

I am beyond exhausted. Between the move, work,
family life, deadlines & my charity work, I'm pooped. 

And today, while the rain fell softly outside & my
co~workers quietly worked, I closed my eyes for
a minute & actually had a nap, sitting up. I can't
believe my body was so tired it had to find rest. 
But in the end, it worked to take a little "cat nap"
& now I'm ready to go for my class tonight.

How do you catch up when you're extra tired?
Do you find some relief in taking a "cat nap"?


Stacey said...

Absolutely! Just a few minutes can make a big difference. :)

Penny said...

Oh dear, you are exhausted Chy, please take care of yourself. One of my great pleasures in life is nodding off on the sofa on a Friday evening! I don't allow myself to do it any other night of the week. X

~Carla~ said...

Coffee, coffee, more coffee & pray for bedtime. lol!! Hope you're able to catch up on sleep!! :)

Chy said...

Yes, it can make a huge difference Stacey.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Chy said...

I've had a few extra hours of sleep since I wrote my post Penny and it's getting better. It's so hot here right now, with no rain in site, so that is part of the issue. And being so excited and at the same time stressed about moving isn't helping. But soon we'll be in our new house, with air conditioning and the move will be done, so that stress will melt away. Can't wait!

Chy said...

I have 2 things that I can't get a taste for - beer and coffee!! Great suggestion Carla but it won't be useful for me. I'll have to find another option. But it's getting better now!