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June 25, 2015

Almost Home.

Yesterday was Possession Day & we received confirmation that our house was complete. We knew we wouldn't get the keys as the final inspection wasn't able to be scheduled until 4 p.m. Today, our apartment in the lower level will have a separate inspection by our County, then funds have to be delivered between lawyers & then we do our final walk through with our builder. Receiving our keys could happen later today & everyone behind the scenes is hoping to make that happen. But if it doesn't, if there is a delay, we know that "gotcha day" will be tomorrow for sure. I have to head into work for a bit this morning, then I'll be meeting our banker at lunchtime, then I have a bit of free time until I have to meet a family for counselling, then it's pick up daughter time, have some dinner then we're off to our theatre rehearsal ~ first show is in 2 short weeks! Today would be grand but tomorrow would probably be more realistic. Our moving company is set for tomorrow morning, so even if we got the keys today, we wouldn't be moving until the morning anyway. No complaints here at all.

Officially tonight is our last night sleeping in our current home. We've been here for 24 years & though we've been planning this venture for the last 14 when we bought our little piece of heaven, we knew when this day came, we'd have some tears for sure. Such a beautiful house, a lovely neighborhood, close to everything. But nothing can beat the chance to live in the country, in a quiet & scenic setting. A new adventure, but we are thankful for the memories we've created here. Sad & happy at the same time.

If you have moved, how did you 
say goodbye to your other home?

Did the excitement of the new home 
wipe away the sad of moving away?


Anne in the kitchen said...

We have only purchased 4 homes in our married lives. Each time I have been excited to move. Our moves thus far have been "up". As the family grew we got a little more space. Our next move will be a move "down". Guess I will have to live through it before I know if it will be exciting or not.

Lorrie said...

Congratulations! This has been a long haul for you. We've moved a lot, and when we leave a home, I like to walk through the rooms, remembering the laughter and tears, and give thanks for the way the home provided shelter for us.

Penny said...

Wonderful news Chy, I am so happy for you. I am sure there will be mixed feelings when you lock the door of your current home for the final time, but how wonderful to be finally in your 'dream' home X

Chy said...

Anne, we thought this would be our down sizing experience but we "upsized" instead! For now, it's just what we need. Maybe next "cottage" will be our tiny one!

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie. I thought we'd be super sad but so far, it's been okay. Already calling this house "home" and feeling very comfortable so far.

Chy said...

Truly a dream Penny!