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June 10, 2015


Our community is today mourning the loss of a very
brave & noble police officer, who died in the line
of duty on Monday evening, senselessly gunned
down by an individual who was being questioned.

Leaving behind a wife & two small boys, his loyal
work kept our citizens safe but cost him his life. To
honor his life & his commitment, the city is being
covered in blue ~ blue lights & blue ribbons all over.

After word spread of his death, families began sharing
the news & porch lights started to light up the night
sky. We joined in last night & it was so comforting
to see our neighbors all around participating as well. 

Tonight, our light will burn again, all evening long,
into the morning light. I'm searching for blue ribbon
& have plans to place them on our trees & our front
column. Blue, like the pyramids lit up in the picture,
will be a focus for weeks to come, as we all take time
to remember a hero & honor his colleagues but most
especially his grieving family. If you have a moment
today, light a candle or wear blue. Share the love!


its me, sam said...

It so hard to understand why someone would do this. I hope you can find the blue ribbon somewhere. Keep the porch lights on!

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting and your comment. Yes, it's going to be hard to find blue ribbon today but I'm determined! And I just went downstairs and my husband left our porch light on. I don't want to turn it off but you can't see it in the day light. On it will go later tonight. X