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June 2, 2015


Every May, our Caragana tree blooms.

Usually early in the month, around our
dd's birthday on the 5th of May.

This year, with our dry weather, it took a
bit longer but finally, here are the blooms.

Are your trees & flowers late to bloom this year?
Is your spring garden as lovely as always?


Anne in the kitchen said...

We are far past spring here, and things bloomed pretty much as they usually do, but our usually showy azaleas had a lackluster blooming season.

Penny said...

In Scotland, everything blooms a little later than further south in the uk, as we have a slightly cooler climate. My azaleas are in full bloom justnow, giving lovely bright splashes of colour. My tulips were disastrous this year, only one poor wee soul put its head above the earth. My roses are starting to form buds and looking healthy, and my lavender is growing well, so lots of nice things to see, X

Chy said...

Anne, our spring has truly just started. I love having 4 seasons but often wish they could be longer in the spring, summer and fall, with a very short winter!

Chy said...

I hope your garden is filed with roses and lavender to make up for the tulips!. Your climate sounds much like ours Penny.