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June 14, 2015

Sunday Night Chit Chat.

I'm participating in Carla's Sunday Night Chit Chat. Hope you'll follow along! So much fun to see what everyone is up to. Here's my answers to her questions:

*Wearing ~ my sage green khaki's & a flowered scrub top with pink, blue, sage & brown on a white background. Bare feet & hair down today.
*Creating ~ our charity's Annual Financial Report for our upcoming Annual General Meeting. 
*Reading ~ posts about the finale of Game of Thrones. 
*Grateful for ~ life in general & the fact that my friends & family are all fans of Game of Thrones, so we'll have lots to chat about this week!
*Looking forward to ~ seeing a good friend tomorrow & bringing her some special treats.
*Cooking/baking ~ tomorrow I'll be baking for my friend & my family. Baking is something I love to do.
*Saving for ~ our holiday to our tiny island in October. We need to set aside $110 a week to make that budget. We already started & dh is expecting a cheque soon in the mail for $1,000. Our goal should be no problem to achieve. 
*Watching ~ a house reno show, kind of.
*Listening to ~ the birds making lots of noise outside.
*Hoping for ~ an note tomorrow with our possession date. 
*Learning ~ to let the universe bring forward the things that need to fall in to place & to trust again.

How was your Sunday Night?
Anything you'd like to share?


~Carla~ said...

My dh watches Game of Thrones as well... it seems to be quite popular! Not my cup of tea, but to each their own! ;) Looks like vacation savings is on the mind of many right now! :) Good luck reaching your goal!

Chy said...

I don't think I can watch it now that my favorite character is gone. We'll see next spring when it returns.

Can't wait for our vacation. After the house build, two summer daycamps, two events and the beginning of the school year, going away to an island for 10 days is the perfect reward for all that hard work!!