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June 26, 2014

The magic of rain!

Hi everyone!

We've had a lot of rain in the last month. Not torrential downpours or thundery rains but gentle, cleansing, plant growing rains. The kind pf rain that pitter patters on the roof at night,  making the world seem so warm, cozy and safe, as we snuggle down into our comfy beds to rest. 

This was our backyard, just a few weeks ago. The trees were just starting to sprout light green leaves. 

And here it is tonight, lush and dark green and so full. More pictures to follow as it continues to grow until late September, when everything will begin to turn color and fall to the ground, dormant for another season. Colorful but bare until spring!

How green is your world these days?


Cheapchick said...

Your outside space looks so inviting. We have had a very dry Spring and not much rain but it is raining today so hopefully everything gets a nice drink of water. Are the mosquitoes bad?

Lorrie said...

I noticed how the leaves on the trees here have changed to mature green, much darker than the delicate shades of spring. Our green grass is turning golden these days, as is typical in summer.
It's amazing how quickly the trees fill in - the photos you've shown are striking.

Chy said...

Cheapchick, we are really loving our deck and back yard. For years, it was the kids domain and we played with them outside but it wasn't a pretty yard. Then they grew, we took out the swingset and fort and started a new deck, cut down bushes and trees that were overgrown, painted the fence and planted perrenials. Now it's a calming and so relaxing spot to spend time in. I'll miss it for sure when we move to our new house and all we'll have will be mud for the first year!

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie for stopping by. It does amaze me how the colors in the spring are so light yet by mid June, everything is dark and lush. It will stay this way until mid September, unless we have a dry summer and then it might go a bit lighter or brown. Fall is beautiful and my favorite but I love this time too.