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June 7, 2014

Our trip to the Mountains!

We live just 3 hours from the mountains and love to go for short trips, to breathe the beautiful air, relax in the quiet and explore the wide open spaces. The sea will always be my favorite place to rejuvenate my soul but the mountains are a pretty close second!

Dh had a business trip, but I was far too busy to tag along, so he "kidnapped" me on Thursday morning and off we went, me protesting most of the way there. But in the end, he was right. I needed a break and we needed to spend some time together. On our way, we had to stop to allow this family a chance to wander across the highway. 

A visit to the prestigious Jasper Park Lodge. I've never stayed here but dh has and he likes it but our favorite is the "castle" in Banff. We stayed there just a few short years ago, up in a turret, far from the noise of town, with incredible views of the mountains. Hope to stay there again one day. The lodge is not as grand as the Banff Springs Hotel. I find it quite dated and not as plush or welcoming. But lovely to spend some time there. Marilyn Monroe and Bob Hope both listed this as their favorite getaways, back in the day!

Our first day was chilly and cool but at least it wasn't raining like it was back home. We walked around the grounds and took some pictures at the lake. Such breathtaking scenery. And so very quiet!

The mist started to come down and the wind picked up, so it was time to head back to town and our humble abode for the next few days. 

More pictures and commentary to follow!


Lorrie said...

Jasper is beautiful, as is Banff. We love going to the mountains to spend a few days hiking. We have family in Alberta so it's nice to take some time in the mountains after visiting them. Glad you could get away.

Chy said...

It was, in the end, a fun trip! Thanks for stopping by Lorrie.

Cheapchick said...

Enjoy your time there. Hubby stayed there once on a business trip and said the same thing you did. He and I visited the lodge so I could see it about five years ago in summer, rented a little paddle boat and had a lovely time around the lake.

Chy said...

Love the mountains but Banff is my favorite. More mountainy for some reason!!