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June 14, 2014

Our Little House in the Big Woods Progress

Hi everyone!

So excited to come out to our land this week and see the new road. A bit of a gentle curve in the scenic path as we drive up to get into the garage. This part faces south, so we'll have nice daytime sun.

The view towards the back of our property. We had hoped to put the house there but it was too low and too wet to chance the spot. There is a natural creek that runs along the back before the trees and we were all concerned, after seeing the water in the spring, that we'd have a sump pump running 24 hours a day to keep the water out. Not worth the lack of sleep. Now we're higher up and away from the creek.

Scrub and brush but so beautiful to us! This will be our view to the west, out the big turret windows.

Construction truck, hidden in amongst the trees to the east of the house. The old road is there for now.

And finally, what will be our view off our front veranda, facing west and getting the last of the sun each day. Just enough trees to give us privacy but some open space to let the light shine through.

Some tiny flowers to end this very late night post!

Wild Alberta Rose, growing in the scrub. These grow everywhere, almost like a weed, except they are so pretty and hardy. I love their vibrant pink shade.

Tiny bluebells? I'm going to have to find a book or a site that will help me identify the multitude of wild flowers that grace our property. Too many to figure out for now!

That's the latest update. On Monday, we go and pick out flooring and colors. On Tuesday, the surveyers come to determine if where we've flagged the house is correct and sound. On Wednesday, we come out for the final placement. And if all goes well, the big dig will happen on Thursday. 

Outside of stomping around the land with our builder and our daughters, we also did some yard work today, laundry, shopping, dinner, packing and writing. I took a bit of time and lounged on the deck tonight, tucked in with a warm blanket, some fluffy pillows, a new Sage scented candle burning in a mason jar and a good book to read. My reward for all the work accomplished. Busy day all around but productive and energy sucking. I know that once my head hits the pillow tonight, I'll sleep well and hopefully long!


Cheapchick said...

So exciting! You are right to be so concerned about water table. Our old bungalow in Sherwood Park was the lowest lot on the street and we spent lots of money trying to keep the water out of the basement. With the heavy rains in Alberta it is such a real concern. The lot looks so lovely!

Chy said...

As much as we would have loved to have had the house right in the middle of the property, we know we will not regret moving it to higher ground. Less worry and it gives us a huge garden/playground/gazebo/firepit area in the back too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.