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June 30, 2014

Summer Project ....

.... to add to my growing list of things to accomplish during the next eight weeks. On top of finishing the final fix ups to get our current house ready for sale, finalizing the ongoing decisions for the new house construction and working on projects coming up in the fall, I've added this baby into the mix!

We bought this solid oak, very heavy and on wheels entertainment unit to turn it into a masterpiece (or something close to it) for our preschool. In the six years that the preschool has been in operation, we've gone through four play kitchens purchased from stores that cater to little ones. However, the construction of these standard play kitchens doesn't match up for preschool classrooms, so we've had to resort to more drastic strategies. For $100, some nice chalk paint, leftover wood from other projects, a bit of sewing and lots of elbow grease, we should get many years out of the new play kitchen. 

So excited to try this out. Hoping our visual ideas work out and the little ones coming to school in the fall are excited to play with their unique kitchen set up! At the very least, it will be colorful!!

Have you ever re-purposed an item?


Cheapchick said...

Great idea - and if it gets worn you can just repaint it!

Chy said...

Exactly! We tend to paint our centre every summer anyway and this would be one more thing to add to that long list but at least it would look "fresh" every September!