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January 19, 2014

Sunday Skating.

We spent today purging closets and taking the items we no longer need or use but still have life in them over to the charity shop for donation. I counted 18 big garbage bags full to the top. That's a lot of stuff that left our house today. Just 2 bags of garbage went out to the bin. I'm so excited to see our home emptying as we get ready for the building of our new home and eventually the sale of this one. It's a bigger house but we'll  have less stuff in it. 

Tonight we're off to skate at the pond at our rec centre. Our little guy is so determined to be a hockey player and step one is helping him learn to skate. He's taking lessons on Friday nights and then we all head to the pond to practice. It's working as he's getting steadier each time. We're getting in shape. And we have fun!

Did you skate as a child?
Do you skate now as an adult?


Denise @ My House, My Rules! said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Carla's page and am enjoying skimming through past entries. To answer your question, no I didn't ice skate as a child. There really wasn't a lot of places to do so as the local lakes often didn't freeze over or were too rough and there wasn't an ice skating rink opened nearby then. However, i did roller skate a lot... nearly every weekend. Not exactly the same as ice skating, but close! Sadly now the Roller Rink is gone but my town does have a state of the art Ice Skating Rink so it looks like my kids will get an opportunity I never had.

c. Joy said...

Yes! I used to roller skate and ice skate. Haven't done either in years. I have been cleaning closets. Skating would be more fun.

Chy said...

Welcome Denise! So nice to meet you.
I've never roller skated as we've never had a rink here - exactly the opposite of your experience. I hope you get a chance to ice skate at your rink soon!

I'm off to read your blog as well.

Chy said...

Cleaning closets is a great activity! I love purging. But skating has over taken our lives. Closets shall wait for now!!