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January 3, 2014

Passport Picture Day!

We took a big step towards our proposed
Disney trip that we'd like to take with
our daughter and grandson this spring.

Today, we all got our Passport Pictures taken.

Each of us had 1 take. Our guy, B, had a few
extra shots taken. The photographer was great!
She let him laugh and be giggly at the beginning.
Then, on cue, he was able to hold a serious
shot, with his head square, eyes open, 
mouth closed and no hint of a smile. 

He nailed it! 

Now we take it in and see if the Passport office
agrees that it's quite the handsome picture!!


Cheapchick said...

I always find getting a new passport exciting. All the possibilities!

Chy said...

We're excited about the possibilities for sure!!