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January 5, 2014


We woke up to - 38 degrees celcius today.

But that didn't stop us from venturing out in the frost. We bought new paint brushes and a sketch book for me at the art store, pasta bows, sauce and swiss cheese for tonight's dinner from the grocery store, screws and anchors to finish our "gallery" wall from the hardware store, with a final stop at the library for more books to keep our spirits high during this winter low. 

How did you deal with the cold today?


Cheapchick said...

warm and cozy on vancouver island but my Stepson got into a car accident and nearly froze himself lastnight in Sherwood park, might have frostbite, you can tell young adults to pack warm things in their cars for emergencies but they never listen. His car is likely totalled and fortunately both him and the other party in the accident are ok but it was his fault and now he will likely lose his license as too many points on a graduated license. Frustrated, and angry today at young stupidity. Fortunately no alcohol was involved but there are still many consequences to deal with today.

Chy said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear he was in an accident but thankful he's okay. Hard lessons I'm sure.

After all the cold the last few days, we've been thinking about a trek out to our favorite spot, Salt Spring soon. I miss the sea!!

Lorrie said...

We took a long walk along the water today. Lovely and sunny, but the chill wind made me glad for my gloves and down coat. It was nothing compared to your weather, though!

Chy said...

Hi Lorrie, I miss the water so much! Can't wait to visit the coast again. Soon, very soon!