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January 4, 2014

A Moment of Calm.

Our weather here in Western Canada has not been as bad as the East, or down in the U.S., or across the sea in Great Britain. It's quite cold and tonight very windy but at least not blizzard strength. Thankful that our winter has not been bad at all, compared to other parts of the country and around the world. Thinking of everyone who is dealing with extreme weather this winter.

We were out for a bit earlier today and this evening, dh went off to a hockey game with his buddy but the rest of the day was cozy in our warm home. 

Tonight, we had a bit of a lull when the wind calmed for a short time. I looked outside our family room window and realized how beautiful our yard looks with the snow drifted across the landscape. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the morning. 

Here's what it looked like, just before the wind picked up again. Now we're nestled in our bed, listening to the wind swirl the snow outside. Comforting to be home, cuddled up and safe.

Wherever you are, 
I hope your weather is calm and warming!

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