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December 10, 2011

Thrifting at Christmas!

I love thrifting all thru the year
but it's so much fun at Christmas.
In our community, donations to our
local charity shop go up quite a bit in
the two months before the "big day".
My guess is families are making room
for the new "toys" & go thru their stuff & donate
what is no longer needed or out of date.
Best time to find decorations 
for our house. We've had some great finds
the last few weeks.

Yesterday, we found this cute snowman lamp:

He was just too endearing to leave in the shop.

His warm glow now brightens our family room.

His smile makes us feel good just looking at him!

I love the added touch of this scene
on his little snowman body.

For the small sum of $1.50,
the addition to our Christmas decor
has been priceless!


C. Joy said...

He's wonderful! I can't imagine anything in the shop was better than your snowman. Enjoy!

Chy said...

We felt pretty fortunate to find him, hidden away behind some boxes and baskets. There were several other lamps that were seasonal as well, some smaller that were all in the $6 to $10 range, so the price seemed off but at the counter, our cashier said that sometimes the price chosen depends on who is pricing! So it was our lucky day.