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December 11, 2011

Candles ...

... lit for all families around the world
who have lost a precious child,
at any age, for any reason.

Tonight was the
Worldwide Candlelight Memorial Service
organized by The Compassionate Friends.
Chapters all over the world hold services
for families at 7 p.m., when candles are lit in
every time zone, so that our children can
look down from Heaven,
see a ball of light & know they are loved.

Our service tonight
was held at Glenwood. It takes weeks for us
to plan but so worth all the work.
I'm fortunate to have lots of families
who ask to help. And an incredible family that
supports my work. My dear husband
does the music every year.
I love having him there!

We light candles & hang ornaments
on our Memory Trees.

The light fills the room &
the ornaments fill the trees.

For all our children,
all around the world.

You are loved,
forever ...

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