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December 6, 2011


We have no snow!


This is an issue.

I personally CANNOT Christmas shop
without snow on the ground.

This was December 6th last year ...

Just 365 short days ago.

But today, we have rain, slushy,
muddy streets & no sign of snow.

At all.

Not in the forecast.

No where to be seen.

Except on the ski hill that
I pass on the way to my centre.

Lots of snow there, artificially made, of course.

So we know it exists.

Maybe I should steal some!

We went Christmas shopping tonight.

Decided to brave the World's Largest Mall:

But alas, no one was there!

Over 30 million people visit the mall each year.

I think I only saw a total of
30 people there tonight!

Nice for us.

Great shopping, fast parking spot & no line ups.

Maybe everyone is feeling like me.

Without snow, it's hard to feel Christmacy,
even with all the decorations, lights & music.

Can't believe I'm about to share this secret
but here it is:

"I'm looking forward to a nice snowfall!"

Hope you have snow where ever you are ...


Bee happy said...

Snow would be good not too much but a pretty sprinkling :) hope you get some soon ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delcious day!

Chy said...

I would love just enough snow to make it feel Christmacy ... snow you can walk in & leave tracks & it hangs beautifully on the trees.

But that's all!! Then it can melt. I'm hoping & wishing that our two coldest months (January & February) are mild this year & slushy like it is now. One can only hope!!

Wishing you a snowy Christmas ...